With the unexpected success of the Strokes, New York is suddenly crawling with fashionable bands that ape the sounds of the late-’70s underground. It’s only natural, then, that the latest buzz band has wandered a step farther down rock’s time line, tapping into early-’80s post-punk. New York quartet Interpol–who’ve just released a wonderfully glum new EP and will unveil their sure-to-be-fawned-over full-length debut in late August–tap into the sound of Joy Division, Wire, Josef K, early Cure, and other record-collection essentials. But it’s really the strong melodies and moody background music that set Interpol apart–and could make them New York’s next most-talked-about band. “It would be funny if it happened,” says singer Paul Banks (second from left, who still works a less-than-glamorous day job). “I’m just happy to be on a label [Matador] I’ve always loved. But that would be cool. I don’t like working at a cafe that much.” –RB