Eminem denies al-Qaida death threat. The rapper's spokesperson dispels rumors that he's been targeted for death for dressing as Osama bin Laden in his video
Credit: Eminem: Michael Wilfling/Angles/WireImage.com

Eminem has picked a lot of fights, and he has a lot of enemies, both real (his mom, his ex-wife) and imagined (‘N Sync’s Chris Kirkpatrick, Moby). But none of them actually wants to kill him — not even al-Qaida, despite rumors that he had received death threats from the terrorist organization over his impersonation of Osama bin Laden in his new video for ”Without Me.”

Eminem’s performance as a dancing, white-flag-waving version of the terrorist leader in the clip from his release ”The Eminem Show” prompted a report in British tabloid the Daily Star, saying that the rapper had earned the deadly wrath of al-Qaida and had ”consulted a specialist in counterterrorism on what precautions to take.”

But Eminem’s publicist yesterday called the rumor ”completely untrue and dangerous,” saying in a statement, ”There have been no threats made against Eminem. Any earlier reports of such are untrue, irresponsible, and inflammatory.” Which is a relief — you wouldn’t want Eminem to become paranoid.