Eminem, Britney, Mandy, and more pop star dolls -- His action figure wields a chain saw, Britney's spans her career, and Mandy's is (surprise!) a goody-goody


NUMBER OF DOLLS Two. You can choose your favorite Marshall Mathers personality: ”Stan”’s Eminem or ”Forgot About Dre”’s Slim Shady.

NUMBER OF OUTFITS Eminem has never been big on attire, and neither are his alter egos; both come dressed ready to wreak havoc with just one outfit.

ACCESSORIES Depending on which doll you choose, Marshall Mathers can come with either ”Stan”’s bedroom base, microphone, removable cap, and jacket or ”Dre”’s ”missing” milk carton, chain saw, and hockey mask.

RESEMBLANCE Pale complexion, arched eyebrows, screaming expression, and perfectly placed tattoos. In other words, dead on.

WE SAY Striking resemblance. AND all the bells and whistles. Our only complaint: You should be able to push his stomach and hear ”My Name Is” — but, for better or for worse, these Ems are silent.

($9.99, $14.99 with base; Art Asylum)