With Charlie’s Angels 2 set to begin filming in August, producer-star Drew Barrymore is lining up some heavenly assistance. Yes, Luke Wilson will be back courting Cameron Diaz, with Matt LeBlanc returning as Lucy Liu’s squeeze. And Bernie Mac will replace Bill Murray as the girls’ post-Bosley liaison. But Barrymore tells ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY that Jaclyn Smith will reprise her TV role as angel Kelly Garrett. ”We’re thrilled to have Jaclyn,” says Barrymore, who grumbles about the fading prospects of other originals Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson signing on: ”It should be all of them — they’re a f — -ing group.” Still, Barrymore is pleased to have Smith in the wings. ”We have a great moment with Kelly. And she was the only angel on the show throughout its entire [1976-81] run.”

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
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