Shatner, Fergie get new TV host gigs. Sarah Ferguson enters the daytime talk show arena, while William Shatner will lampoon late-night horror fare for the Sci-Fi channel


All you actors toiling in commercials: There’s hope for you yet. pitchman William Shatner has landed a gig hosting a late-night horror movie show on the Sci-Fi Channel, and Weight Watchers pitchwoman Sarah Ferguson will have her own syndicated daytime talk show next fall. You just watch — someday, these two will be household names.

Ferguson’s show will be called, of course, ”Fergie,” Universal Television announced Wednesday. Her producer described the show in a statement as ”variety with a heart.” Filling a vacuum left by Rosie O’Donnell’s departure and such cancellations as Sally Jessy Raphael’s, Fergie will be competing next fall with other daytime talk newbies Ellen DeGeneres and Joan Cusack. ”I’m not talent, I’m not a celebrity, I’m not an actress, I am just me,” she said in a statement. “I love being with people, whether they’re famous or not.” Just call her the Duchess of Yak.

Filling a void left by its cancellation of ”Mystery Science Theater 3000” a couple years back, Sci-Fi will premiere ”William Shatner’s Full Moon Fright Night” on July 20. A statement by the channel says that every Saturday night, the former starship captain will introduce ”not-quite-Oscar-caliber” horror movies (sample titles: ”Killjoy,” ”Shrunken Heads,” and ”Horrorvision”), talk with monster-movie guests, and ”pay his own unique homage to campiness” by reenacting a scene from the evening’s film. Just what you want in a late-night snack: ham and cheese.

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