Robin Tunney, Tim Blake Nelson, ...

Middle of the road, stick-to-your-shoe pop tunes are what writer-director Finn Taylor (”Dream With the Fishes”) treasures best in Cherish, a disoriented but occasionally disarming saga packed with moments out of an ”Alice in Wonderland” adventure, a stalker thriller, and a condensed season of TV’s ”Big Brother.” In Taylor’s version, set in his hometown of San Francisco, one young woman, Zoe Adler (Robin Tunney), lives alone in the big, funky loft space she’s never allowed to leave: For complicated, nutty-plot reasons involving a vehicular manslaughter charge, she’s shackled by an electronic ankle bracelet that keeps Tim Blake Nelson coming back as a lonely technician assigned to maintain the machinery.

Taylor gets his frequencies jammed when he loads up the trippy visual novelties, but he’s on to something with Tunney (”Vertical Limit”), a lovely, hard-to-cast shape-shifter who’s in her element surrounded by a sympatico curveball cast. Nora Dunn is titanium-tough as a defense lawyer. And Jason Priestley does a wicked deconstruction of the whole ”Beverly Hills, 90210” phenomenon as a coworker Zoe fancies so madly that she imagines him in soft-core, teen-hunk, music video settings.

  • Movie
  • 100 minutes