''Millionaire'' set for its final answer -- Regis' game show plans a final blowout before ending its run as a regular prime-time series

All right, let’s start with a simple question, for $100: ABC’s ”Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” is — a) canceled; b) not canceled; c) moving to daytime; d) coming back in the fall. Um, maybe that’s not so simple. Need to poll the audience? Phone a friend?

Actually, it’s e) all of the above. ABC has scrapped the game show as a regular prime-time series. It’ll go off the air after a 90-minute finale on June 27. With ”Millionaire” and NBC’s ”Weakest Link” off the schedule, prime-time will again be as game show-free as it was three summers ago, before ”Millionaire” debuted, became a monster hit, launched a spate of imitators on other networks, and briefly saved ABC’s bacon.

At that time, it was just an occasional special; ABC had yet to run ”Millionaire” into the ground by airing it four times a week and stocking the contestant pool with celebrities. Fortunately for Regis fans, it will return as an occasional special, but probably not before November, Variety reports, so as to avoid upstaging ABC’s launch of a syndicated daytime version, to be hosted by ”The View”’s Meredith Vieira.

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