Stars name their favorite snacks. Krispy Kremes, red meat, and Oreos -- but not Scooby Snacks -- run celeb diets off the rails
Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson
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The opening of the ”Scooby-Doo” movie on June 14 could put the spotlight back on a major American pastime: snacking. Although diehard fans of Scooby Snacks can look for the hard-to-find official version of the treat (a for-humans-only artificially-flavored vanilla wafer cookie) or Dreyer’s Grand Scooby Snack ice cream (a combination of vanilla and chocolate ice creams with chocolate-coated peanut butter cookie dough bones), fans have posted their own homemade Scooby Snack recipes on the web, some of which feature a certain, ahem, mind-altering ingredient.

So far, we haven’t found many celebrities who are purists about eating the exact snacks that Scooby likes. (Okay, Matthew Lillard — one of the stars of the movie — says he eats them.) But several stars did reveal to us what sinful, and legal, indulgences make them roll over and beg.

THE ROCK ”Pie. I’ll take a piece of just about any kind of pie, but my preference is homemade apple.”

ANNE HATHAWAY (”The Princess Diaries”) ”Chocolate, isn’t that obvious? If I had to be boring I’d say dark organic chocolate without any calories. But seriously, peanut M&Ms with pretzels. And when you combine Snickers with pretzels, that’s really good too.”

LINDA CARDELLINI (”Scooby-Doo”) ”I can’t afford to eat them that often, but I love donuts. There was a neighborhood bakery called Jay’s that I liked. But since they went out of business I think I’m partial to Krispy Kremes. I love glazed, and cake with white frosting and sprinkles.”

CHRIS KATTAN ”Reese’s Pieces and mini-Oreos. The big ones are too large for a little guy like me. You can’t dunk them so well. They become like cereal in milk.”

JAIME FOXX ”Donuts and Pepsi together.”

JACK OSBOURNE ”My theory on Scooby-Doo is that Shaggy’s a pothead and it’s all an acid trip. I mean, have you ever seen a dog talk to you sober? They’re all drug addicts, so their favorite Scooby snack is anything, because they get the killer munchies. But tonight mine is sushi.

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS ”Powdered donut gems. It’s hard to eat just one. My mom also makes Ooey Gooey bars. They’re a little slice of heaven, but hard to describe.”

WAYNE BRADY (”Whose Line Is It Anyway?”) ”Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I can’t have them right now because I’m on a diet to get ready for my show. As soon as I go off it, though, I am going to cram them down my throat. I am going to get so many in my mouth that my throat will have the rings of an African warrior.”

STEVE HARRIS (”The Practice”) ”Beef in any form. You give me a burger or a steak and I am good to go for the next few hours. I know that isn’t politically correct to be on red meat, but it makes me happy.”

DAVE CHAPPELLE (”Undercover Brother”) ”That caramel, toffee covered popcorn with peanuts called Crunch And Munch. It’s in the yellow box. No cheap imitations will do. No generic.”

BRECKIN MEYER (”Road Trip”) I like little goldfish crackers. Any little cracker is good, but the O.G. original gangster goldfish crackers are best.

Additional reporting by Carrie Bell