STAR WARS: EPISODE II — ATTACK OF THE CLONES (DVD, $10) Availability Seems Lucasfilm’s antibootleg efforts worked. Ours was found one week after release from a shady wholesaler who asked, ”What ees ‘Star War’?” PACKAGING Grainy photocopy without credits. CONSUMER REPORT A camcorder taping (or so the ”HI-FI” display that pops up every half hour suggests) in a seat far, far stage left (hence the 10-degree tilt), the picture and sound are as scruffy as a Wookiee. Nighttime Coruscant is a silhouetted shadow show, Kamino’s bright interiors are a neon blur, and Count Dooku’s meeting on Geonosis is almost unviewable. As George Lucas might say, ”Your clones aren’t very impressive.”

Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones

  • Movie
  • 142 minutes
  • George Lucas