Sharon Osbourne mouths off to The coolest mom around explains why Kelly won't be crooning a duet with the Prince of Darkness, among other bleepin' things
Sharon Osbourne
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Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack Osbourne begin shooting season two of their MTV megahit ”The Osbournes” later this month, but new episodes of the show won’t air until fall. That’s just too long to wait for a fix of straight talk from the mother of all mothers, Sharon Osbourne. sat down with Ozzy’s princess of darkness to chat about what’s next for the show, why Kelly won’t duet with Ozzy, and whether people will be ”f—ing bored” with her family next year.

How has your life changed since ”The Osbournes” became a monster hit?
Within the 10 weeks the show ran, our lives completely changed. Ozzy’s been in the public eye and sold millions and millions of records, but he’s never been a media darling. All of our lives we’ve bought our own clothes. We’ve never had anything for free. So now all these fancy stylists are delivering them by the truckload to our house.

Sounds great!
We don’t like it. We’d rather buy our own stuff, you know? I feel like a parasite doing it. People send us all these things, these big companies. Cell phones, for instance. My God, people who are really famous must spend no money, because they don’t charge you for anything, not even hotel rooms. It’s unbelievable. Now we go to pay the bill at a restaurant, and they’re like, why? I never realized the power of TV.

But the media frenzy can’t last forever. Are you braced for that?
We’re the taste of the month, and nothing can last at this level. The bubble will burst. I told Jack and Kelly from the first time we got the inclination that this was going to be bigger than we thought, ”Guys, just enjoy it, but it’s not going to last.” In two years people aren’t going to be sending us clothes or letting us eat free in restaurants. I look at it as a little period in our lives we should have fun with and just enjoy.

After some down-and-dirty negotiations, you recently cemented a two-year deal with MTV for a reported $20 million. Are you happy with the results?
Yes, and MTV has been very, very good to us. It’s just that I looked at it as, you win the lottery once in your life, and I’m cashing in that ticket. I’ll never have an opportunity like this again to make this sort of money. Sure, Ozzy’s made some unbelievable money in his life, but to get that money the work has been brutal. Touring destroys your body. So I went for it.

Are you going to be filming much of season two in England?
We live in the country down this little country lane, and there’s nothing for kids to do, nothing. When they’re little, it’s great, because they can play in the garden and ride horses. But at 17? Forget it. We’ll go back there for a couple weeks and do some filming, but most of it will be done at our house in L.A.

Are you planning to make any changes from the first season?
The thing is, if we change the format, it’s not going to work. We have to keep to exactly what we did before. Otherwise, it’s not going to be real, just fake.

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