Richard Gere, The Mothman Prophecies
Credit: The Mothman Prophecies: Melissa Moseley

”All kinds of things exist all around us that we never even see,” says Alan Bates, playing a paranormal expert. Taking that not unpopular belief and running with it, The Mothman Prophecies, director Mark Pellington’s supernatural thriller, explores the connection between preternatural prescience and human destiny. Gere is a newspaper reporter who loses his wife after a car accident. Years later, he is inexplicably drawn to a town in which people have been seeing the same giant mothlike image that haunted his wife before her death. But it’s not just another fright-and-flight flick. Pellington’s camera expertly creates a bone-chilling atmosphere of doom, and the climax — which ties up the loose ends — will leave you satisfied as well as spooked.

The Mothman Prophecies
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