The top story tonight? Saturday Night Live’s Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey’s cover appearance (#653, May 10). ”You don’t know how thrilled I was when I saw Tina and Jimmy!” exclaims Molly Gentry of Auburn, Ala. ”They are two of the most original, funny people on TV [and have] transformed ‘Weekend Update’ into something worth watching.” (Hope Colin Quinn didn’t hear that.) For Mike Maupin of Corydon, Ind., the SNL anchors’ charm is enough to make him think about switching teams: ”Why can’t I find a man like Jimmy Fallon? Better still, why can’t I find a woman like Tina Fey? With women like [her] in the world, who needs to be gay?” Desire is the last thing on the mind of Julie Riganati of Wyndmoor, Pa., after reading a review of Woody Allen’s Hollywood Ending. ”Must we continue to endure Allen as the love interest of Tea Leoni and Debra Messing? There is only so much belief I can suspend.”

Anchors Away

I got my saturday-night thrill a day early when I opened my mailbox. I was delighted to see the sharp-tongued Tina Fey and the boyish Jimmy Fallon grace your cover. Finally, some recognition for the anchors who keep me tuning in to SNL. And kudos on the photos inside. Now, if I could only get Jimmy to go to my prom! NATALIE PLUMMER Savannah

Like many other ”weekend Update” anchors over the years, Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon waste valuable airtime and try my patience with their smarmy, self-congratulatory delivery of otherwise biting material. I reach for the clicker as soon as I hear them begin snickering at how clever they are. This stuff would be hilarious if Dan Rather delivered it, but otherwise, only actual sophomores should be allowed to get away with such sophomoric performances. MICHAEL McLAUGHLIN Santa Fe, N.M.

You’ve got to be kidding! ”Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon have created a ‘Weekend Update’ for the ages”!!! I’ve been watching SNL for 22 years and they have got to be the worst ”Weekend Update” anchors ever! Every six weeks or so I sit through it hoping it will get better but end up fast-forwarding. It’s agonizing to watch along with Fey’s awful hairstyles! M. HERNANDEZ Davis, Calif.

Mourning Lisa

I was so upset that the untimely deaths of Aaliyah and Lisa Lopes weren’t important enough to end up on the whole cover instead of a corner. These two women were very influential in the way R&B music is shaped today, and shame on you, EW, that you did not give them their much deserved recognition and respect. I hope in the future you consider giving honor to life, instead of to two grinning, petty fools from SNL. JUSTIN L. DURAN Monte Vista, Colo.

‘Son’ Burn

Ty Burr, in his review of Richard Blow’s JFK Jr. bio, American Son (Books), decides that the book is not a ”behind-the-scenes tell-all” because ”no reputations are eviscerated; no choice muck is flung.” Therefore, he gives the book a ”D.” Not that Blow ever should have done so, but if ”reputations” had been ”eviscerated” and ”choice muck” had been ”flung,” would his book then have merited an ”A”? Doubtful. More likely, an ”F.” When will EW outgrow this adolescent and reductive grading system? J. RANDY TARABORRELLI Author of Madonna: An Intimate Biography Los Angeles