DOGTOWN AND Z-BOYS Documentary (PG-13) A dazzlingly crafted doc about the teenage surf punks of lower L.A., who single-handedly transformed skateboarding into an extreme sport. The carefully chosen soundtrack and skillful editing make this really rad, dude. A-

ABOUT A BOY Hugh Grant, Rachel Weisz (PG-13) In this adaptation of Nick Hornby’s best-selling 1998 novel, a London womanizer finds himself in the grudging position of playing big brother to an isolated boy, thus transforming from a trampy hedonist into a nice guy. B+

UNFAITHFUL Richard Gere, Diane Lane (R) In the latest of Adrian Lyne’s (Fatal Attraction) button-pushing adultery thrillers, a wife and mother from the New York suburbs sneaks away from her dream home to indulge in a tawdry sexual affair. A-

THE BELIEVER Ryan Gosling (R) Riveting acting talent Gosling breaks out as a laser-bright Orthodox Jew who becomes a neo-Nazi skinhead. A provocative, shocking, and prize-winning (Sundance 2001) debut from director Henry Bean. A-

Video & DVD

LANTANA Anthony LaPaglia (R) Native Aussie LaPaglia takes his real accent out for a walk as a detective looking for a missing woman. A

OCEAN’S ELEVEN George Clooney (PG-13) A posse of hipper-than-thou crooks — including Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon — set their sights on Las Vegas in this snappy remake of the 1960 Rat Pack heist flick. B+

THE OTHERS Nicole Kidman (PG-13) Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of an old, haunted Victorian mansion? B+

THE MANY ADVENTURES OF WINNIE THE POOH Animated (G) This 25-year-old collection of three Disney shorts still glistens with kiddie pleasures. A

THE X-FILES: THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON (unrated) Now that the show’s found its last thing that goes bump in the night, take a DVD look at its fifth year, when The X-Files could still scare us silly. A-

FRIENDS: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (unrated) Oh, how a baby changes things: Take a look back at the way six shallow acquaintances started out, and try to spot the new material incorporated in the DVD set. A-



INTERESTING WOMEN Andrea Lee (Random House) The glamorous women in these short stories all feel like foreigners — in their skin, gender, or a born-to or borrowed country. A-

THE END OF MARRIAGE Nina Vida (Simon & Schuster) Two sisters try to cover up a murder in this tragic family drama disguised as a terse thriller. A-

YOU’RE AN ANIMAL, VISKOVITZ Alessandro Boffa, translated by John Casey (Knopf) In a mesmerizing series of short parables, the author tracks the animal incarnations of his narcissist hero. A


THE LAST AMERICAN MAN Elizabeth Gilbert (Viking) The acclaimed journalist tracks Eustace Conway, a mountain man who wants to change the world. B+

SHOOT OUT: SURVIVING FAME AND (MIS)FORTUNE IN HOLLYWOOD Peter Bart and Peter Guber (Putnam) Two Tinseltown insiders with battle scars to spare dish on the dirty business of making movies. A-


THE MEGALOMANIACAL SPIDER-MAN (Marvel) Indie-comics misanthrope Peter Bagge presents a perfectly timed parody that retells the origins of the webbed one. A


STAR WARS ASCIIMATION (asciimation.co.nz) A virtual shot-by-shot re-creation of Episode IV using ASCII animation — composed entirely of keyboard characters. Talk about typecasting. A

MUSICRADIO 77 WABC (musicradio77.com) An amazing archive of stories, images, and recordings from ”The Greatest Top Forty Music Radio Station of All Time” before its landmark format change to talk radio 20 years ago. A-

THE OFFICIAL TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON WEBSITE (johnnycarson.com) One visit to the King of Late Night’s priceless site and you’ll feel like he never left his throne. With meticulous summaries and an array of select clips, it’s nostalgic fun for fans and required viewing for any pop-culture student. Hey-oh! A

THE SALTON SEA (saltonseamovie.warnerbros.com) With four extended film clips and a collection of Flash vignettes to capture its mischievously dark humor, this flick’s Internet home goes above and beyond the usual movie-promo-site staple ingredients. B+


MOBY 18 (V2) The maestro DJ tills Play’s fertile soil for new electronic symphonies, this time with more keyboard blips than slide guitars and more mourning than joy. A-

BLACKALICIOUS Blazing Arrow (MCA) Hip-hop rarely sounds as joyful as when it pours from the mouths and decks of this Cali crew, with guests Gil Scott-Heron and Zack De La Rocha. A-

PLACIDO DOMINGO Wagner: Scenes From The Ring (EMI) The preeminent tenor reaches a vocal summit and does glorious justice to some of Wagner’s most captivating music. A

EL-P Fantastic Damage (Def Jux) Neither gangsta survivalist nor old-school revivalist, El-P is an urban futurist producer and hard-spitting MC with an engorged heart and a high-speed chip on his shoulder. A

VARIOUS ARTISTS P. Diddy & Bad Boy Records Present…We Invented the Remix (Bad Boy) Surnames-a-Lot remixes tracks from Notorious B.I.G., 112, and Mary J. as if they were funky Tinkertoys. B+

THE FLATLANDERS Now Again (New West) Jimmie Dale Gilmore’s lonesome croon, Butch Hancock’s songcraft, and Joe Ely’s country rock all shine on this 1972 supergroup’s sole release. A-

MUSIQ Juslisen (Just Listen) (Def Jam) The gilded voice, classic R&B production, and ridiculous phonetic handle of 2000’s Aijuswanaseing are all back in force. B+

JOHN WILLIAMS Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones (Sony Classical) Familiar, bombastic tunes from earlier films mix with a sorrowful love theme and thrilling accompaniment to the action sequences. B+

WAYNE SHORTER Footprints Live! (Verve) On this rare live acoustic CD, Shorter explores assorted originals from his ’60s glory stint with Miles Davis. A-