Creed, Garbage tours resume after ailments. But Silverchair, whose singer is struggling with his own mysterious illness, is still sidelined

After an April car accident that literally forced frontman Scott Stapp off the road for three months, Creed will be ready to resume touring in July. Stapp suffered spinal injuries, including torn and bulging discs, when he was rear-ended on an Orlando highway in April, forcing the band to cancel the remaining 20 dates of its tour. Now many of those dates will be rescheduled, beginning July 11, and new dates have been added that will keep Creed on the road through October.

At first, Stapp’s account of the accident made it sound like he might be permanently debilitated. ”I just want to be 35 years old and be able to play ball with my son and play basketball, golf and do all the things I love to do,” the 28-year-old told MTV last month. ”It scares me first and foremost that I may not be able to be the father I want to be.” But the band’s label says that rest and physical therapy have enabled Stapp to emote on stage once more.

Garbage is also set to keep touring, even though an ear infection has put drummer Butch Vig out of commission. Drummer Matt Chamberlain, who sat in for Vig when he was diagnosed with hepatitis A last November, has filled in for Vig on two Los Angeles dates over the weekend and on Jay Leno’s ”Tonight Show” on Monday night. A label spokeswoman tells that the band will play dates in Europe later this month as scheduled, but she didn’t know if Chamberlain would still be pounding the skins in Vig’s place.

Freakiest health-related tour derailment is Silverchair’s. The Australian grunge trio had planned a world tour in July in support of its latest album, ”Diorama,” but they’ve canceled it because frontman Daniel Johns has been immobilized by reactive arthritis. Johns, who is all of 23, has suffered chronic attacks of the condition, which causes joints in his hands and his knees to swell and makes walking and playing guitar painful. According to the band’s website, he contracted the disease last year through a viral infection, but he was also one of the small percentage of the population who is genetically predisposed toward the ailment. Plus, he’d weakened his immune system during a long battle with the eating disorder anorexia, which he chronicled in ”Ana’s Song” on the band’s last album, ”Neon Ballroom.” ”I am truly sorry that I am not able to do the touring we had planned for so long,” Johns said in a statement on Friday. ”I apologize for the inconvenience these cancellations will cause. I am doing everything humanly possible to try and get well, but lately things have just kept getting worse.”