Is Madonna pregnant again? A British tabloid says her father is thrilled that a third grandchild is on the way, but the Material Mom's spokeswoman says it's not so
Credit: Madonna: Dave Bennett/Alpha/Globe

Is Madonna about to become a Material Mom for the third time? Depends on whom you ask. British tabloid The People quotes her father, Tony Ciccone, as saying, ”We are very excited that she is expecting again. It is always exciting when your children have children.” A child for the 43-year-old singer and husband Guy Ritchie would be a sibling to 21-month-old Rocco and half sibling to 5-year-old Lourdes. ”I don’t know if Madonna’s child is a boy or a girl yet, we just want it to be healthy,” the paper quotes Ciccone as saying.

Madonna’s spokeswoman, however, denies that there’s another little Ritchie on the way, suggesting that the paper recycled the quote. ”It sounds like something he said when she was pregnant with Rocco,” Liz Rosenberg tells the New York Daily News. Of course, Rosenberg has issued similar denials before that turned out not to be true, but, she tells the News, ”I’m not lying now.”