Backstage at the MTV Movie Awards. The Osbournes get butterflies, Eminem gets friendly, and Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jack Black just duet
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As usual, this year’s ”MTV Movie Awards” (airing Thursday, June 6, 9 p.m.) were chock full of outrageousness: Hosts Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar donned superhero garb (Spider-Man and Wonder Woman, respectively) to poke fun at this summer’s biggest box office hit, Eminem (or at least his body double) flew across the stage to kick off a rousing rendition of ”Without Me,” and MTV darling Kelly Osbourne made her eagerly awaited rock star debut.

But the real fun was to be found behind the scenes at L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium, where the stars of screen and scene let their freak flags fly. Luckily was there taking notes and naming names. Here are the best, worst, and weirdest moments from Hollywood’s amped-up antidote to the Oscars.

PINK LADY The way she talks to her mum and dad, you’d think Kelly Osbourne is a woman who knows no fear. Well, almost. Prior to her first-ever public performance of ”Papa Don’t Preach,” the newly minted teen idol had a minor case of flop sweat. ”She’s got butterflies in her tummy, but she’s not a nervous wreck,” explained concerned mom Sharon Osbourne. ”I’m really really terrified, because I know how hard people can be when they’re reviewing something like that. I just hope they can remember she’s just 17 and she’s never done it before.”

Papa Ozzy, who introduced his daughter via video from London (where he’s preparing for Queen Elizabeth’s 50th anniversary party), was even more concerned than his wife. ”He’s been calling me every 10 minutes, saying, ‘Is she done yet?”’ explained Sharon. ”And I keep saying she’s not on for another four hours! Then he’ll call me back asking again, ‘Has she been on yet?’ I’m like, ‘Are you deaf? It’s in four hours! Stop calling me!”’ As Kelly would say, f—ing parents!

KNOTTY ISSUE While the rest of the family was worried sick about Kelly, fledgling record label honcho Jack Osbourne was backstage filming his video diary and offering sushi to the crowd. ”I’m trying to make a buck or two,” he joked. While his food service skills were nothing to scream about, the show’s censors might squeal about his attire: He wore a cheap black tie with a certain four letter expletive written on it in White-Out. ”They may blur it, but people will get the idea,” he said. ”And it will still be written about in the papers.” With that kind of marketing savvy, is there any doubt this guy will be running a major label someday?

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