Lucasfilm confirms a split-second appearance by the boy banders
'N Sync
Credit: 'N Sync: Frank Micellotta/Image Direct

In a development that’s shaken ”Star Wars” fans to their geeky cores, Lucasfilm confirms that ‘N Sync members will make a split-second appearance in ”Episode II–Attack of the Clones.” Lance Bass tells EW the group was at George Lucas’ California sound studios last fall touching up their March concert video, ”Pop Odyssey Live.” After Joey Fatone told a studio worker the boys are big ”Wars” fans, producer Rick McCallum enlisted them to play Jedi Knights alongside hundreds of extras.

Lucasfilm spokeswoman Lynne Hale insists Lucas’ daughters — fans of the quintet — had nothing to do with the invite. She adds that ‘N Sync join a long list of ”Star Wars” cameos. (Remember E.T. in ”Episode I,” along with Roman and Sofia Coppola?)

Don’t try to spot all five: They have no dialogue, the scene is a quickie, and, according to Bass, ”there was only room for four guys.” Justin Timberlake was MIA for the December shoot and Bass had a scheduling conflict. ”I gave the scene to Steve, Joey’s brother,” he says. ”It broke my heart.” His…and thousands of fans, who hit the Internet calling for the demise of ‘N Sync — and Lucas. But online movie guru Harry Knowles calls for calm in the galaxy: ”You could put Phyllis Diller in a cantina scene and it would not ruin the film.”

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