RESIDENT EVIL (GameCube, Capcom, Mature, $49.99) If all the nostalgia programming on TV this month wasn’t enough, now even game companies are showing their love for the classics. Though technically a remake of the original 1996 PlayStation game, Resident Evil for the GameCube actually feels like a whole new experience, thanks to stunningly detailed graphics that exponentially increase the fear quotient. There are some new puzzles and environments, but the basic story line remains the same: You assume the role of either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield, both members of a special-tactics squad sent to investigate a mysterious mansion in Raccoon City. Once inside, most of the game involves solving logic puzzles and dreading encounters with the ghastly zombies and other nightmares that roam the halls. You can slay some of these foes, but swift maneuvering is critical to survival. THE ASSIST First-timers should consider playing as Jill — she can carry two more items than Chris. THE LAST SHOT A brilliant reimagining of a classic horror game. While the controls can be frustrating, the creepy ambiance is taken to a whole new level. THE GRADE A- — GK