They’re great for the beach, but as day-to-day footwear, dime-store-inspired thongs have flip-flopped their way to overexposure. So this summer, leave the foamies by the pool and try some alterna-flops. Here, our picks. — Missy Schwartz

DR. SCHOLL’S Try the classic exercise sandal ($30-$50, shoes.com). Or Kiss My Feet’s lobster- (above) and leopard-print versions ($155, flipfloptrunkshow.com).

ESPADRILLES The jute-soled shoes get chic makeovers from the Gap (above), Kenneth Cole, Nine West, and Louis Vuitton ($24.50-$480, at stores).

CORK-SOLED WEDGES A throwback to the days of disco. Find various wedgie styles at Old Navy, J. Crew (above), and Prada ($20-$370, in stores).

SLIDES These babies never go out of style, and with updates from the likes of Puma (above), Dr. Martens, and DKNY, you can’t go wrong ($35-$110, in stores).