Spider-Man vs. Star Wars? Yesterday’s news. We’re already looking ahead to Hulk vs. Morpheus, and other future film showdowns, based on these new teaser trailers. — Scott Brown

DIE ANOTHER DAY (Nov. 22, 2002) In this Bond preview, a snowy tundra turns out to be (surprise!) nude women, lying prone. A translucent ice-pistol ejects a bullet that transforms into a skidding car. And Halle Berry’s got a big gun. Unsubtle? Yes. Un-PC? Absolutely. A little slice of double-0 heaven? You bet your Aston Martin. A-

MATRIX RELOADED (May 2003) Stingy with plot points — but not style — this splashy morsel features a levitating Neo (Keanu Reeves) kicking ASCII in a palatial marble atrium, a flash of the rebooted Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), and a glimpse of the free human city Zion. But those familiar green digits still get the biggest cheers. B+

THE HULK (June 20, 2003) Speaking of green: You don’t get much of the Not-So-Jolly One, but you do see plenty of alter ego Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) intensely gripping his bathroom sink as ”the change” begins to take him. Clearly, Bana and director Ang Lee understand that good acting is the best special effect of all. A

Die Another Day
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