With the dog days coming, there's no shortage of new albums to work (or chill) out to
Anthony Kiedis
Credit: Anthony Keidis Illustration by Chris Pyle

There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues,” sang Eddie Cochran. These days, the musical cure often seems more severe than the malady, at least in the case of upcoming albums like EMINEM’s ”The Eminem Show” (just moved to May 28 from June 4), KORN’s ”Untouchables” (June 11), PAPA ROACH’s ”lovehatetragedy” (June 25), and LINKIN PARK’s remix disc ”Reanimation” (July 30). If you regret the absence of a new KID ROCK CD, perhaps the second effort from Rock’s DJ UNCLE KRACKER, ”No Stranger to Shame” (Aug. 6), will ease your pain. (By the by, the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS’ ”By the Way” drops on July 9.)

Punks and alt-types can look forward to ringing in the Fourth of July with a set of B sides from GREEN DAY, ”Shenanigans”; long-in-the-tooth bohos SONIC YOUTH release ”Murray Street” (June 25). Meanwhile, perennial cutups THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS will take a break from scoring TV shows long enough to release ”No!” (June 11), while the British continue their intermittently successful invasion with COLDPLAY’s ”A Rush of Blood to the Head” (Aug. 27), DOVES’ ”The Last Broadcast” (June 4), DAVID BOWIE’s Heathen (June 11), and OASIS’ ”Heathen Chemistry” (July 2). Those searching for a seasonal anthem might investigate Chumbawamba’s ”Readymades” (June 18) to see if the poppy anarchists can top their ’97 smash ”Tubthumping.”

Just wanna rock? Flock to the BLACK CROWES’ live album due in August, JERRY CANTRELL’s ”Degradation Trip” (June 18), ROBERT PLANT’s ”Dreamland” (July 16), and LOS LOBOS’ ”Good Morning Aztlan” (June 4). On the R&B and hip-hop tip, the ever-jiggy WILL SMITH returns with ”Born to Reign” (June 25), SOLANGE KNOWLES (sibling of Destiny’s Child’s BEYONCE) attempts to take destiny by the horns with her debut, ”Solo Star” (June 25), and Nelly unleashes ”Nellyville” (June 25), which features a guest appearance by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Meanwhile, EVE will return with ”Eveolution” (Aug. 13), while ubiquitous producer SWIZZ BEATZ makes his bid for solo stardom with ”G.h.e.t.t.o.” Stories (July 16). Speaking of the ghetto, former Geto Boy SCARFACE’s ”The Fix” (Aug. 6) ought to satisfy those who can’t get enough of that gangsta stuff. Oy — it’s gonna be a long, hot summer.