A control freak's guide to appropriate concert behavior

1. No stage diving or crowd surfing, especially if you’re a whale.

2. No Hacky Sack, beach ball, or frisbee tossing outside of the parking lot.

3. No singing, unless you’re in the band.

4. No talking. We paid to hear the singer!

5. No clapping along to songs, unless you’re in the band.

6. No standing on the seats. And if you’re 6’5”, definitely no standing in front of us.

7. No making devil horns with your hands. It scares us, but not for the reason that you think.

8. No smoking. It’s bad for you to make us this angry.

9. No dancing with a beverage. Nobody likes to wear beer.

10. No donning of the T-shirt you just bought at the venue. It makes you look like a loser. — Michele Romero




Summer wouldn’t be summer without a tape full of sun-soaked Top 40 tunes. Here’s our playlist of pop songs — some already out, some upcoming — that’ll be on our beach boom box.

Something Corporate, ”iF yoU C Jordan” Rosey, ”Love” Amanda Marshall, ”Everybody’s Got a Story” Jimmy Eat World, ”The Middle” Angie Stone, ”Wish I Didn’t Miss You” Ja Rule (featuring Ashanti), ”Always on Time” Pink, ”Don’t Let Me Get Me” OK Go, ”Get Over It” Jerzee Monet, ”Most High” Van Morrison, ”Down the Road”