Rating movie characters' fashion choices. Thumbs-up for Tea Leoni in ''Hollywood Ending''

Rating movie characters’ fashion choices

As Hollywood studio exec Ellie, Tea Leoni works a tailored, sophisticated look that becomes more casual as her character finds happiness in NYC. ”She’s sort of a fast-talking [L.A. type in the beginning],” says costume designer Melissa Toth. ”But she’s still a romantic and a New Yorker at heart, so I wanted to show a journey [in her style].” By movie’s end, Leoni has hung up the high-powered Barbara Bui pantsuits she wears during early business meetings for Hepburnesque ensembles by Faconnable.

Reality Check: Would an actual studio exec greenlight the outfits? ”It’s a fair portrayal,” says a 20th Century Fox studio rep. As for the $900-$1,200 that similar Faconnable and Barbara Bui items cost, no sweat. A real-life Ellie’s salary can be up to $6 million per year. Leoni’s Clothes Call Rating: 4 Hangers

Hollywood Ending
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