Baby's First Tattoo

BABY’S FIRST TATTOO by Jim Mullen (Simon & Schuster, $12.95) In his popular Hot Sheet, an EW fixture since 1991, Mullen cracks wise about what folks are talking about every week–Spider-Man spin-offs, Halle and Denzel, Winona’s security tapes. How funny, then, to open his new book and find him joking about stuff nobody ever talks about–head lice, pushy grandmas, “projectile excreta,” Ritalin prescriptions, pet torture. Conceived as “A Memory Book for Modern Parents,” Baby’s First Tattoo focuses on everything braggart parents and other, gauzier baby books ignore, but shouldn’t. With the help of cheeky illustrator Barry Blitt, whose cartoons are an equally popular feature of EW’s News & Notes section, Mullen ends the baby omerta, amassing a hot sheet on Junior that should resonate with parents and scare off the rest of us. –Gregory Kirschling

Baby's First Tattoo
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