Spider-Man, The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man

The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man


This perfectly timed parody, The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man, retells the origin of Spider-Man, just like the movie — except that here, Spidey fights supervillains while thinking such heretical thoughts as ”Didn’t I ‘defeat’ this lunatic last week? What a revolving door our justice system has become!” As written and drawn by indie-comics misanthrope Peter Bagge (”Hate”), this Peter Parker in decides the superhero biz is ”all so…unhealthy!” and, after reading too much Ayn Rand, becomes the greed-head CEO of Spider-Man, Inc. He exploits his fans and turns down a fund-raiser for UNICEF, sneering, ”Are you out of your mind? You know how I feel about the U.N.!” Who knew Marvel Comics had such a good sense of corporate humor? Of all the ”Spider-Man” movie tie-ins, this one’s the most subversive.

The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man
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