How you doin’? Better, apparently, now that Matt LeBlanc has become EW’s cover boy (#652, May 3). ”Joey has always been my favorite [Friends] character,” writes Molly E. McLaughlin of Moline, Ill. ”I’m glad that he’s gotten a chance to shine this year.” Deb Lindsey from Potomac, Md., took issue with LeBlanc’s language. ”I don’t expect that when my Entertainment Weekly comes in the mail I’ll have to worry about my daughter reading the word ass in a headline. Save the offensive wording for the inside of the magazine.” Finally, many appreciated our farewell to another groundbreaking TV show. ”What a great look back at five seasons of Ally McBeal,” writes Scott Barton of Los Angeles. ”Beyond the innovative characterizations and images, the series also provided some of the most moving moments on television in years.” Case closed.

LeBlanc Check

Joey’s on the cover! I’m so thrilled, I’d better go make a sandwich and read this bad-boy mag now! KAREN MASKENS Fairport, N.Y.

I really do like your magazine. It’s edgy and stylish and stays away from the trite blathering of other magazines. That being said, I’m surprised by your use of the word ass on your cover. I’m not a prude and can probably curse as well as or better than a sailor, but what happened to decorum? Your magazine sits at the checkout stand of many grocery stores. What about the kid who says, ”Mommy, what does ass mean?” CATHY YOUNG Atlanta

I attended a taping of Friends in December 2000, where it became clear that Matt LeBlanc is truly the heart of the show’s ensemble cast. He won over the entire studio audience with his warmth and charm. I had been aware of Matt since the days of TV 101, but it took seeing him in person to realize what a talented, funny actor he is. He is currently the best thing about the show, and I enjoy his work immensely. SANDRA SARRO San Mateo, Calif. Peter’s Pan

I was disappointed to read that Peter Bogdanovich didn’t defend his 1975 film At Long Last Love (”The Past Picture Shows”). There is nothing wrong with it — other than the fact that it could not withstand the crush of the negative, petty press that surrounded Bogdanovich’s open affair with star Cybill Shepherd at the time. If ever a movie was misunderstood, criminally neglected, and ripe for reevaluation, this is it. JOE BALTAKE Haddonfield, N.J.

Ryan’s Hope

You can have your Josh Hartnetts, Chris Kleins, and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s — just give me Ryan Gosling (Movies). Impressive in The Believer, he’s the only reason I’ll be shelling out 10 bucks to catch Murder by Numbers. Let’s just say I’m taken with him. LINDA BUSWELL Los Angeles

Alice in Pain

Thanks for the tribute to Layne Staley (Music). As a huge fan of Seattle grunge, I was deeply saddened to hear of his death. I hear Alice in Chains’ influence on bands like Incubus, Staind, and others. But I would rather hear Alice in Chains do Alice in Chains. They did it so well. GWEN HARVEY Orange Park, Fla.