French lady-killer Olivier Martinez goes Hollywood. After breaking hearts in France, the ''Unfaithful'' star makes his move in the U.S.
Olivier Martinez
Credit: Olivier Martinez: Barry Wetcher

NAME Olivier Martinez AGE 36 WHERE YOU’VE SEEN HIM Rattling bathroom stalls as Diane Lane’s lover in ”Unfaithful.” FEMININE INTUITION The French cinema star (who was Javier Bardem’s euthanizing roommate in ”Before Night Falls”) nabbed the ”Unfaithful” role — scripted for an American — only after director Adrian Lyne’s daughter spotted his audition tape. SKIN EFFECT His romps with Lane weren’t as fleshed-out as they seem: Martinez refuses to do nudity. ”You can make me do anything, but I don’t do naked,” he says. ”The magic of the movies is that when it’s well done, you think you have seen more than you have.” ON GOING HOLLYWOOD ”There are more good American movies than French movies,” he notes. ”For one ‘Amelie,’ there are 100 s—-y movies that you will never see.” NEXT Another romantic imbroglio, playing a gigolo in the Showtime remake of Tennessee Williams’ ”The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone.”

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