We thought P. Diddy was kidding when he titled his new CD We Invented the Remix–until we got his press release stating, in no uncertain terms, “P. Diddy started the trend of remixing records.” Of that claim, preeminent dub authority Steve Barrow says, “It’s so hard to bollock, it’s not even ridiculous.” For Sean Combs’ benefit, a history of remixes:

–1963 The Jaynetts’ “Sally, Go ‘Round the Roses” includes a reverb-added instrumental B side, the first true “remix.”

–1967 “Ruddy” Redwood and Byron Smith blend rhythm and vocal tracks at Jamaican dances, introducing live “dub” remixes.

–1968 King Tubby popularizes live remixes, helps create reggae.

–1969 Sean Combs is born.

–1975 Grand Wizard Theodore scratches records in the Bronx.

–1976 Engineer Tom Moulton speeds up and loops song breaks, making disco remixes for American dance clubs.

–2002 P. Diddy “invents the remix.” –ES