JAPANCAKES Belmondo (Bliss Out, V. 19) (Darla) On this latest installment of Darla Records’ moody Bliss Out series, Japancakes make unorthodox ambient music with cello and pedal-steel guitar.

DAVID JOHANSEN AND THE HARRY SMITHS Shaker (Chesky) The former New York Doll and onetime Buster Poindexter takes his second stab at earnest roots music.

MOTHER SUPERIOR Sin (MuscleTone) What’s the Henry Rollins Band sans Henry Rollins? Mother Superior, though the scowling one stuck around to exec-produce.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood soundtrack (Columbia) Sisters Macy Gray, Lauryn Hill, Mahalia Jackson, and Alison Krauss join brothers Ray Charles and Bob Dylan on this compilation.


GORILLAZ’s candy-coated beats, you’ll go bananas over head ape Dan the Automator’s remixes of AIR, ZERO 7, and others on Wanna Buy a Monkey?

The idea of mixing the noise punk of SLINT, the free jazz of COLTRANE’S Ascension, and great band names, try SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY’s Going Down Swingin’.

Melody-making power pop a la XTC and WEEZER, march in time to the largely apolitical tunes of CHOMSKY’s Onward Quirky Soldiers.

Cool, eclectic sounds from FRANK ZAPPA, BRIAN ENO, and SENOR COCONUT, pick up the soundtrack from Y Tu Mama Tambien pronto.

DILATED PEOPLES’ brand of funky, enlightened hip-hop, get to know People person DJ BABU’s Duck Season, Vol. 1, with DE LA SOUL and JURASSIC 5.