''The Shield'''s tough guy dishes with EW.com. Michael Chiklis explains why Ozzy's got nothing on bad cop Vic Mackey

By Liane Bonin
May 24, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT
Michael Chiklis: Chris Delmas/ZUMA Press

On his controversial new series ”The Shield” (FX, Tues. 10 p.m., season finale June 4), Michael plays Det. Vic Mackey, an amoral bully who thinks nothing of murdering a fellow cop, torturing a suspect, or pilfering cocaine from his latest drug bust. Fortunately, Chiklis (”The Commish”) is far cuddlier than tough guy Mackey, who might have given us a brass-knuckles beating for asking our 10 stupid questions. Here’s what the veteran actor has to say about his cue ball ‘do, getting naked, and the wild women of ”The View.”

Imagine this: Vic Mackey is assigned to work for your ”Commish” sweetie pie Tony Scali. Friends or foes?
They’d probably fight, but it’s hard to say who’d win. I wonder what the spread would be in Vegas?

Which is easier — working with kids (”Daddio”) or interviewing with the women of ”The View”?
The woman of ”The View.” None of them ever kicked me in the shins.

How do you keep the pate smooth and stubble-free?
Mach III every other day in the shower. It’s especially nice when my wife does it for me.

How do you feel about inspiring tough guys everywhere to go Kojak (sans lollipop, of course)?
As for starting a trend, bald is sexy and here to stay!

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