By Steve Daly
May 24, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT
Memento: Danny Rothenberg

Memento Limited Edition

  • Movie

Wait a minute — didn’t ”Memento,” the backward-arcing tale of a man with no short-term memory, already come out on DVD last September with its own list of trumpeted ”Special Features”? Indeed it did. So whether you pony up for Memento Limited Edition, the new iteration of writer-director Christopher Nolan’s Rubik’s Cube murder mystery will depend on whether you value neat packaging over convenience. Pop in either of the two discs (basically one’s the feature, one’s the extras) and you’re confronted with an ingenious interface that puts you in Leonard Shelby’s confused shoes: A series of screens begins flashing by that look like a cross between SAT questions and a psychological test report.

After important ”hints” that flicker past too quickly to be absorbed, you’re forced to guess which of many keywords or images will unlock the extra features, including a director’s commentary (it’s serviceable, but not as good as an on-screen interview with Nolan included only on the first DVD version), script pages, production stills — all the usuals.

Trouble is, there’s no complete cheat sheet provided; you’ll have to trawl Internet chat groups for tips on unlocking all the Easter eggs. It’s a brilliantly designed form-conveys-content package. Be advised: If you’re a casual viewer with no patience for puzzles, forget it.

Memento Limited Edition

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