By EW Staff
May 24, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

Spider-Man, Spider-Man. He’s got countless adoring fans…. And we’ve got the letters to prove it! Our Summer Movie Preview (#650/651, April 26) also confirmed Peter Parker isn’t the only one mad for Mary Jane. ”There hasn’t been a mega female movie star since Hollywood’s golden age,” writes David Ryder of Berkeley, Calif. ”We have one in the making with Kirsten Dunst.” Lisa Peers of San Francisco served up a lesson in arachnid accuracy: ”If the filmmakers want Parker to perform like a human spider, shouldn’t [his] webbing shoot out of his butt?” In matters non-Spidey, our feature on Danny Trejo inspired Julie King, also of San Francisco, to suggest a new EW department: ”In-depth interviews with [lesser-known] actors [should] be a regular feature. Their names may not be recognized, but their contributions to the movies certainly should be.” How’s that for supporting actors?

Kiss of the Spider-Man

I’d like to extend my deepest thanks for finally giving Spider-Man his due. You ran such a classy cover shot. You have no idea how long some of us have been waiting for this movie to happen. Many thanks! TONY LAFEMINA Rutland, Vt.

I loved your summer Movie Preview issue featuring Spider-Man. However, in recapping Spidey’s humble beginnings on the small screen, how could you forget his many appearances on PBS’ The Electric Company? Before foiling the likes of the Green Goblin or Dr. Octopus, Spider-Man was constantly fighting various villains played by Morgan Freeman and others. TEE POPLION New Orleans

I was excited to read the profile of Windtalkers. Unfortunately, with the accompanying photograph of Christian Slater and Nicolas Cage and almost complete disregard for the Navajo content of the film, I’m left disappointed. I always look forward to your writers’ insightful observations and fresh analysis. As a result, I expect more. REID GOMEZ American Indian Film Institute San Francisco

TV’s Action Hero

There has been no tougher guy on television than Robert Urich (Legacy). If you pit either Dan Tanna of Vega$ or Spenser of Spenser: For Hire against a team made up of T.J. Hooker, The Fall Guy’s Colt Seavers, the Duke boys, the entire A-Team, Kojak, Starsky and Hutch — and even throw in Columbo for humor — Urich would still find a way to solve the crime. Urich always knew how to dig deep and come up smiling. The action television world will miss him dearly. Truly an Everyman’s hero. JEFF HALL Portland, Maine

Thief of Parts

I have subscribed to EW for many years, and I do not think I’ve been more excited to read an article. Danny Trejo (Untold Story) is one of those ubiquitous actors who regularly steals scenes from big-name stars he costars with and whom I wish the studios would give more screen time. Thank you, EW, for providing insight into the man behind the face. YADIRA TAYLOR San Francisco