Mia Sara, Tom Cruise, ...
Credit: Legend: Kobal Collection

It’s not always the big bad studio exec who recuts a movie and makes a mess of it. Sometimes it’s the director himself. Ridley Scott readily admits as much in the making-of doc that is one of the bonus features of Legend: Ultimate Edition, which includes both the original U.S. theatrical version and a ”director’s cut.” A dark fairy tale about a woodsman (Tom Cruise) who rescues an impetuous princess (Mia Sara) from the Lord of Darkness (Tim Curry), ”Legend” was always visually stunning. But for the U.S. release, Scott overreacted to some poor test screenings, and cut nearly 10 minutes and dropped Jerry Goldsmith’s orchestral score. The result is an uninvolving patchwork of choppily truncated scenes. The director’s cut restores the deleted footage — and adds even more — forming a more fluid, coherent, even lyrical narrative.