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Love and a Bullet

NUDIE BY NATURE You may be seeing a lot of Naughty by Nature’s Treach this summer. And we’re referring not only to his roles in the Sundance-showcased films Face and Empire, the Showtime series Soul Food, or opposite Omar Epps and Dana Delany in the upcoming Showtime movie Conviction. When Ben Ramsey’s Love and a Bullet opens on June 14, audiences will spy a part of Treach they probably haven’t been treated to before. ”I have a very full-frontal sex scene in there,” says the New Jersey rapper, who plays a hitman falling in love with his target. ”I wanted it to seem as real as possible. I wanted people to feel like they were a fly on the wall at something that actually went down.” Earlier this year, Treach cameoed in a skin flick called Naturally Naughty, but he says the new film is different. ”[Bullet] was the first time the tool has ever been shown,” he reports. ”This was definitely the most the big screen has ever seen of me.” — Evan Serpick

FROM GAGS TO BITCHES Turns out the Christina Aguilera parody he performs on his MTV show isn’t the full extent of Andy Dick’s musical talents. On Aug. 20, the off-the-wall comic and his band, the Bitches of the Century, will release a self-titled debut album on Milan Records. ”It’s eclectic,” says Dick of the record’s ”weird, sometimes insightful, sometimes totally inappropriate, obnoxious, and gross” tunes, which range from guitar-driven hardcore to melodious piano cabaret — all products of the wacky revue Dick has been performing in clubs since the ’90s. Honorary studio Bitches Greg Camp (Smash Mouth) and Franz Stahl (ex-Foo Fighter) add a note of professionalism. ”I’m good at humming a melody and [all] that,” says Dick. ”But these guys really pumped it up 500 percent.” Though Dick insists he has ”no expectations” for the album, he admits the project has been, uh, cathartic. ”I try to be clever and get some emotion off my chest and out of my bowels for good.”

Love and a Bullet
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