May 24, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

As Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones bows, we asked celebs who they’d like to clone:

— MATTHEW PERRY ”Michelle Pfeiffer. Wouldn’t it be nice to have two of them around?”

— RYAN GOSLING (Murder by Numbers) ”Natalie Portman. And I’d make more and more and more of her.”

— JASON ALEXANDER ”With three or four Rebecca [Romijn-] Stamoses, I might have a shot.”

— JESSE L. MARTIN (Law & Order) ”Halle Berry. There should be more Halle Berrys walking around.”

— CHRISTINA RICCI ”Josh Hartnett, and his clone could come live with me.”

— MARIO LOPEZ ”Jennifer Love Hewitt. You can never have too much Love in the world.”

— JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT ”Matt Damon. One of him I’m sure would want to go out with me.”

— CATHERINE BELL (JAG) ”Brad Pitt. He’s an amazing actor, and the body’s okay, too.”

— JON FAVREAU ”George Lucas, so he could knock out the three sequels while [the original Lucas is] making the prequels.”

— DANNY MASTERSON (That ’70s Show) ”My brother Chris [Malcolm in the Middle], so I could kick the s — – out of his clone whenever I’m p — -ed at him.”

— DORIS ROBERTS (Everybody Loves Raymond) ”Sean Connery, the sexiest man ever.”

— MICHAEL C. HALL (Six Feet Under) ”Jesus. He definitely had his good points.”

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”I’m too old for that stuff. No one wants to see a fat old man now.” — Former American Gigolo RICHARD GERE on not playing the young stud in Unfaithful

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