Now that Legally Blonde’s Reese Witherspoon (below) has conquered Harvard Law School, what’s next for the bubbly barrister? Capitol Hill. ”Can you imagine Miss Elle Woods arriving in Washington with her dog and her handbag, going ‘Okay, Bruiser, we’re here!”’ muses Blonde director Robert Luketic on the planned sequel. (Witherspoon has already signed on to at least produce.) ”The notion of Elle in the political world is very exciting, and it’s more grown-up than the first one. We have such a handle on who Elle Woods is now that we could send her to Afghanistan and have fun with her.” But before she starts doling out fashion advice in Kabul (pink pashmina burkas, anyone?), the legal eagle will have to sort out her love life. Luke Wilson, who proposed to Elle at the end of the first flick, has yet to re-up. Sounds like somebody needs to practice her bend-and-snap.

Legally Blonde
  • Movie
  • 95 minutes