Waiting for the Go, Some of the Most Anticipated Albums Remain on Label Shelves

By EW Staff
May 24, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

No wonder Axl rose chose Vegas as his new hideout: It would take the best bookies to figure out when his overdue Guns N’ Roses album will arrive (its last “release” date: June 2001). But his is not the only MIA CD:

ALBUM: Q-TIP’s Kamal the Abstract COMPLETED SINCE: 2001 STATUS: Arista says no date has been set for the album (bumped twice this spring), though a five-track sampler is available on eBay. ODDS OF RELEASE IN OUR LIFETIME: 4-1; bad buzz, plus dubious jazz-rap experimentation, could KO Kamal.

ALBUM: LISA MARIE PRESLEY’s solo effort IN THE WORKS SINCE: 1999 STATUS: Though Presley has recruited numerous collaborators for her debut–including ex-fiance John Oszajca–a rep says Elvis’ heiress is “still working on it.” (Her website says some songs are getting “minor face-lifts.” ODDS OF RELEASE in our lifetime: 30-1; only fools rush in, but Presley’s been in the studio so long even her scrutinized surname can’t keep interest up.

ALBUM: the PRODUCT G+B’S solo debut, Ghetto & Blues IN THE WORKS SINCE: 2001 STATUS: Their duet with Santana on 1999’s “Maria, Maria” had fans clamoring for more Product. First set for June 5, 2001, the J Records disc is due in August. ODDS OF RELEASE: 2-1, though a declining profile threatens to ghettoize Ghetto.

ALBUM: GUNS N’ ROSES Chinese Democracy IN THE WORKS SINCE: Oh, please. We’re not even gonna try. STATUS: Axl’s vexing Vegas gigs have showcased new material, but the group has elected to push back Democracy indefinitely (a label rep now says there’s “no new info” on a date). Izzy ever gonna get his act together? ODDS OF RELEASE before the end of the year: 100-1; considering Axl’s antics, we’ll be waiting for this one long after democracy actually comes to China. –Brian M. Raftery