Vecepia tells how she won ''Survivor.'' The quiet one stole the show -- ain't that the way it always is?
Vecepia Towery
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You probably didn’t have any money riding on Vecepia Towery winning the million bucks because let’s face it, she was the un-player of all the players. She just did her own thing, had a friend here and there, won a challenge or two, and prayed to God every four seconds. Still, she took home the bank. caught up with her 48 hours later to see how she was feeling about taking Ethan Zohn’s ”Survivor” crown.

So, how’s it going?
Everything is so awesome. Winning was everything I thought it was going to be. I didn’t expect to win but I kept saying in the back of my mind that if they say my name I’m going to lose it.

You must have tried to figure out who was going to vote for whom.
Actually, Neleh and I talked a lot in the last couple of months as the show was being aired. She said she probably had Pappy’s vote and I probably had Sean’s. We were locked beyond that, though. We truly had no idea. We both had made some type of bad blood. My first inkling was that those guys were screaming about getting Rotu back together, but then I thought if they realize this is about a million dollars they’ll look at strategy and how we played the game.

Did you talk to anyone about how they voted?
John told me it was really tough to decide, but he was looking for a specific response and that person was going to get his vote. He said, ”You hit it on the head and Neleh just tap-danced.”

Were you suprised by how anyone voted?
To be honest, I really wasn’t. I talked to Zoe two or three times the whole time out there. Tammy came down hard, but she knew I played the game better. If I ever had Kathy’s vote at any time I lost it on that last challenge. I even told Sean that the loyalty thing was going to play a major part. I knew her loyalties were to Neleh and Pappy.

>Even though Neleh basically lost Kathy that challenge?
Well, I don’t think Neleh tried to do that. She’s a sweet girl but I guess her motives may have been to do that, but I wouldn’t accuse her of it.

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