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What's next for ''Star Wars''' Hayden Christensen? Plus, news about Fred Durst, Tobey Maguire, Bruce Springsteen, Cynthia Nixon, Richard Gere, Lance Bass, Bryant Gumbel, and others

May 17, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

REEL DEALS On the day that ”Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones” opened around the planet, word came of Hayden Christensen‘s next project. The young Jedi is in talks to produce and star in ”Shattered Glass,” an earthbound drama about a twentysomething journalist who crossed over to the dark side. Marking the directorial debut of screenwriter Billy Ray (”Hart’s War”), the film will tell the true story of Stephen Glass, the 1990s magazine hotshot (he wrote for such prestigious periodicals as Rolling Stone and The New Republic) whose vividly reported nonfiction features turned out to be largely fabricated. When last heard from, Glass had ditched journalism — for law school, where his talent for tall tales would no doubt serve him well.

Some 2.6 million grown-ups were expected to play hooky from work yesterday to catch the ”Clones” opening day screenings, according to employment agency Challenger, Gray & Christmas, resulting in $319 million in lost productivity. No word yet on total first-day grosses, though Variety reported that midnight and early morning screenings had grossed $6 million. ”Spider-Man” set a record with its Friday opening two weeks ago netting $39.4 million, but with ”Clones” opening on a Thursday and on at least 1,000 fewer screens, nobody expects it to be gobblin’ as much green….

Fred Durst has made several announcements over the past year that this or that project would mark his feature-directing debut. It’s understandable, maybe, that none of them has panned out; after all, the guy does have a day job that keeps him busy. The latest directing debut announced for the Limp Bizkit frontman is ”Lords of Dogtown.” If that sounds a lot like ”Dogtown and Z-Boys,” the current documentary about a pioneering team of 1970s skateboarders, it is. Stacy Peralta, one of the Z-Boys and director of the nonfiction film, wrote the script for ”Lords,” which is also about the team. Coproducing the film would be ”Panic Room” director David Fincher. Durst, who says he has skated since 1978, has directed 25 music videos for his band and others. He tells Variety that he hasn’t abandoned his other movie projects, that someday they’ll be rollin’….

LEGAL BRIEFS Turns out that big-screen superhero Tobey Maguire‘s dad was a failed bank robber, according to a story reported in the National Enquirer and confirmed by the New York Daily News. Nine years before the release of ”Spider-Man,” Vincent Maguire, now 46, was broke and believed he was dying of cancer. He entered a bank across from his home in Reseda, Calif., unmasked and unarmed but with a note that read in part ”I have nothing to live for” and also said he had a concealed weapon. He left with a bag of cash but was caught an hour later and spent two years in jail. Maguire’s spokesperson acknowledged the crime but told the Daily News, ”We’re not talking about this.”…

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