Sean gets voted off. AGAIN with the product placement, says Dalton Ross -- but at least there was some drama in the schoolteacher's departure
Sean Rector, Survivor: Marquesas
Credit: Sean Rector: Monty Brinton/CBS

Sean gets voted off

Well, look at the bright side. At least he won a new car! And what a car it was — a Saturn SUV to be exact, as if you could miss that from all the gratuitous product placement shots. (I especially liked the last one of Sean behind the wheel giving the thumbs up. I wonder if he even has a license. Many of us New Yorkers don’t, you know.) So, yes, Sean got booted, but at least he went out winning… and whining. His campfire and tribal council meltdowns added some much-needed drama into the proceedings. Heck, things were getting so heated between him and Paschal, that I kept waiting for that bald stagehand/security guy from ”The Jerry Springer Show” to leap up and restrain them.

Wasn’t it just a few episodes ago that Sean and Pappy were getting all touchy feely while sipping exotic cocktails together and doing some wacky tribal dance? That’s the beauty of ”Survivor” — yesterday friends are tomorrow’s foes. We had a feeling things would start to get interesting once Nurse John’s posse (including the General who should really change his nickname to the more appropriate Sir Sulk-a-Lot) were all gone, but things were even wackier than expected. First you had Jeff Probst for some reason talking smack to one of the contestants, informing new car owner (did we mention the gorgeous Saturn SUV?) Sean that ”You may not look good, but you’ll look good in that ride.” I was waiting for the host to then bust out some of his famed Your Mama jokes, but alas, was spared.

Then came that whole fireside chat gone bad, where the dueling duos of Paschal & Neleh and Sean & V were supposed to clear the air, but instead aired their complaints, giving us another quick glimpse into Pappy’s dark side. The old man was so disgusted with the two African-Americans he actually used the word ”crap” before summing up his white-hot rage with a good ol’ fashioned ”to heck with ’em.” You go, gramps!

Of course, all the power rested with Kathy, who instead of using her role as ”swing vote” (hear that term enough?) to jockey for position or try to cut a deal with one of the two factions, instead decided to go fly a kite — literally! Her victory in the immunity challenge further cemented her status as tribal kingpin for a day. In the end, she probably made the wrong strategical move in voting off Sean. Now her best chance to make the final two is to win immunity, although against Neleh and a fading — both emotionally and physically — Paschal, that may not be so difficult. If she had sided with Sean, however, she may have been able to secure a pact to be in the final two and then surely would have beaten him in a vote by the jury. Who knows, he may have even let her take a spin in his spankin’ new car.

Who do you think will win in Sunday’s finale?

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