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— Imagining rap less as a Martin Scorsese gang bang than as a Larry Clark coming-of-dysfunctional-age tale, Sage Francis comes straight outta Providence, and pledges allegiance to the loose-knit Anticon crew, known for eccentric lo-fi beats and rhymes that swing from stone abstract to hyper-emo. Like label affiliate Slug, Francis is in the latter camp, working the mic like a therapist’s couch, dropping rhymes about detox drama and relationship angst over old folk, film-score, and tabla samples. Sorta like Eminem without the pandering BS. CHOICE OLD-SCHOOL PUNCHLINE On the breakup breakdown ballad ”Eviction Notice”: ”I’m in the house y’all/I’m in the house y’all/And ain’t no new boyfriend gonna kick me out y’all.”

Personal Journals
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