Past champ Ethan Zohn picks the ''Survivor'' winner. The soccer-lovin' ''Survivor: Africa'' victor tells who'll win Sunday night
Ethan Zohn
Credit: Ethan Zohn: Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press

He’s handsome, scruffy, and a soccer devotee… and, oh yes, he’s also a millionaire — thanks to his decisive win on last season’s ”Survivor: Africa.” He’s Ethan Zohn, heartthrob to millions and new World Cup commentator (you can find his web column from Seoul, Korea, beginning June 3 at ”One day, I’m a soccer coach in Teaneck, New Jersey. Next day, I’m at the World Cup,” Zohn tells ”This is a dream come true.”

Come Sunday night, one of the four remaining ”Survivor: Marquesas” castaways will also have their million-dollar dream come true (CBS, 8 p.m.). Here’s who reigning champ Zohn thinks will win:

KATHY ”Kathy’s done very well for herself. She’s played the game very smart. She’s got a bite to her. She’s harsher than Teresa, but she has that same competitive drive to win, scheming to the last minute. But I don’t think she’s going to win. The alliance between Paschal and Neleh is very strong, and the alliance between Kathy and Vecepia isn’t. If Vecepia does not get immunity, she will be the next to go. If she does, it’ll be Kathy.”

VECEPIA ”She’s played the game well, but now she’s all by herself. Everone has gotten to where they are with a middle-of-the-road approach, not being too strong, not being too weak. She might win immunity and win the game. Without immunity, she’s screwed, she’s done.”

PASCHAL ”I picked him to win a couple of months ago. I see Paschal playing the game in the stealth, not as strong as I was, but similar to me. However, I don’t see him winning at this stage. He’s looking a little too weak right now to win an immunity. But he could make it to the final two because his alliance with Neleh is very strong.”

NELEH ”She got incredibly lucky. She played the naive girl next door, but she really is the naive girl next door. I see her a little bit like Kim Powers. She happened to fall into a great alliance. She’s my pick to win.”

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