He may no longer snack on bats, but the wildly enthusiastic responses to our Osbournes cover (#649, April 19) prove Ozzy is still pretty f — -ing cool to many. ”As one of Ozzy’s most devoted fans, I am happy to see him receive all this publicity,” writes John Olszewski from Salem, Mass. ”Keep rocking, Ozzy! Ride that ‘crazy trend’ to the top!” Of course, the Prince of Darkness has his detractors. Says Derek Forbes of Springfield, Mo.: ”With all the upcoming summer blockbusters, my wife and I were disappointed [with] your cover story. Glorifying shallow, empty lives is what we need less of.” Barbra Black from Porterville, Calif., believes what the magazine needs more of is…George Strait. ”He may not smash guitars or have choreographed pyrotechnics, but he has lasted 20-plus years and still packs them in at every concert. Yes, George, you are a legend!”

Great and Powerful Oz

Everyone — from die-hard fans to 60-year-olds to people who have previously hated Ozzy’s guts — loves The Osbournes. Thanks so much for the article. Ozzy and family have not only succeeded in putting on an entertaining show but have successfully bridged the generation gap. Thanks, Osbournes! CARESSA ELLSWORTH Elizabeth, N.J.

The Osbournes are true ”American Goth.” I have always hated reality TV, but MTV’s The Osbournes is the greatest reality show ever! It’s hard to believe that Ozzy, known as the Prince of Darkness since his Black Sabbath days, is now heralded as a great parent! PAUL DALE ROBERTS Elk Grove, Calif.

Thanks for making me laugh. Nancy Miller’s hilarious portrait of the Osbournes was so great, I just might tune in. Domesticity a la Osbournes sounds like a riot. It made this grandmother take notice. NANCY PADBERG Zigzag, Ore.

Poor old Ozzy! It’s pathetic when the admission of being ”’wasted”’ and on ”antipsychotic medication” is damage control for being ”’fried”’ and physical wear from years of abuse. The man needs to retire, but ”savvy businesswoman” Sharon has a few more Jerry Springer-style humiliations in store for him first. The only person in this family who has any sense is Aimee, who wisely decided to fly the cussing coop. LAURA BROOKS Bath, Mich.

The only benefit I get from The Osbournes is the assurance that no matter how bad my life seems sometimes, it is always better than any member of this clan. These people are the largest single waste of oxygen on the planet. Can we please move on to the next craze and allow these foul-mouthed clods to fade into oblivion? S.W. BRYANT Chesapeake, Va.

Give It to Me Strait

Just wanted to drop you a word of thanks for the interview with George Strait (”Strait Talks”). Along with the stunning picture of country music’s finest singer, it was sheer delight to see him and read his words in your magazine. VAL SAGI Lancaster, Calif.

Wow, first an article on Alan Jackson and then an interview with George Strait in about a month’s time! Based on EW’s past record, caution is advised — you may fool readers into thinking that you recognize country as a legitimate musical genre. GERARD A. FORTIER Plainville, Mass.