For our musically inclined subscribers, EW powers up Listen2This, a new mini-mag that tunes in the cutting edge

Following page 42, you may notice something different in this issue — namely, our spanking-new monthly music supplement, Listen2This. (If you don’t find it, not to fret; L2T is a bonus mag-azine-within-a-magazine available to those Entertainment Weekly subscribers who have demonstrated an interest in increased music coverage, and you can order it by logging on to Frankly, we think the inaugural edition of L2T, with its cover story on white-hot upstarts the White Stripes and an array of attitude-laden reviews, charts, and concert and album-release listings, is a humdinger. Focusing primarily on the plethora of great music that’s constantly bubbling up from the underground to the mainstream, L2T provides answers to questions you won’t find anywhere else in EW. Want to know whose music Andy Dick described as ”whales stepping on broken glass — if whales had feet,” at the recent Coachella festival? You’ll find the answer on page 12. Curious about the biggest hit on the current U.K. music scene? Check out page 22 for an exclusive look by our London correspondent, James Oldham, deputy editor of Britain’s revered New Musical Express. Ever wondered what happened to Sir Mix-A-Lot butt (hey, it’s Sir Mix-A-Lot!) were afraid to ask? We did too, and tracked him down. ”Readers who come to EW for our music coverage are just as passionate about what they listen to as others are about, say, Star Wars or Friends,” says managing editor James W. Seymore Jr. ”We want to keep them on the cutting edge.” Adds general editor John McAlley, who oversees L2T: ”We’ve always found room for Madonna and the latest multiplatinum pop act, but traditionally it’s been tougher to carve out space for worthy yet more indie-minded artists like Dashboard Confessional, the Vines, Cee-Lo. It’s incredibly exciting to be able to really turn up the volume on our music coverage.”

With upwards of 30,000 new CDs released every year, music consumers face a staggering number of choices every time they enter a record store. It’s our hope that Listen2This will give Entertainment Weekly readers a competitive advantage when deciding just what albums to buy and concerts to attend. And do let us know what you think of the first issue — we promise we’ll listen 2 you.