As if the return of asymmetrical tops, mini-mohawks, and skinny neckties weren’t enough, an entire musical genre has mutated out of ’80s retro madness. Dubbed “electroclash” by some, “electro” by others, it’s electrified punk–with keyboards and turntables replacing the guitars, bass, and drums. Acts like Omaha’s synth-pop punks the Faint, French-Swiss noir duo Miss Kittin & the Hacker, and glitzy DJ Felix da Housecat have already dropped definitive electroclash LPs. Coming up are releases by eccentric New York performance-art collective Fischerspooner (above, whose domestic debut, #1, is due out June 11 on FS Studios) and acts on club promoter-producer Larry Tee’s Mogul Electro label. Tee’s all-girl trio, W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes), cunningly cover the Cars, while his gay rap duo, Morplay, are a flava-fresh take on old-skool Beastie Boys. This stuff may be a throwback, but it’s certainly not throwaway. –Bryan Chin