What those wacky Osbournes are up to next. The heavy-metal family comes together in Manhattan to hawk a new CD -- with tracks by... Eric Clapton and the Cars?
Jack Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne, ...

The Osbournes brought their smash-hit reality sitcom to the stage on Wednesday with a New York City press conference hyping ”The Osbourne Family Album” — an oddball collection of music that includes three old Ozzy performances, Pat Boone’s ”Crazy Train” cover, and Kelly’s version of Madonna’s ”Papa Don’t Preach.”

With Kelly, Jack, and Sharon hanging out onstage at Sony Studios (and Ozzy chiming in via videoconference from Europe), the atmosphere was a lot like their MTV show, except that the plentiful curse words weren’t bleeped out. ”What the f— is going on?” a characteristically confused Ozzy called out from his screen at the beginning of the conference. ”They’re taking pictures, Daddy,” Sharon informed him.

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