It's Buttafuoco vs. Bobbitt in ''Celebrity Boxing.'' Plus, news about Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek, ''Attack of the Clones,'' David Bowie, U2, and others
Joey Buttafuoco, John Wayne Bobbitt
Credit: Bobbit: Richard Creamer/Online USA/Newscom; Buttafuoco: David Keeler/Online USA/Newscom

TUBE TALK When it comes to ”Celebrity Boxing,” the recent hit special that will enjoy a second round on May 22, Fox seems to have a very expansive definition of the word ”celebrity.” The night’s biggest draw will probably be the fight between famously feckless husbands Joey Buttafuoco and John Wayne Bobbitt. (You’ll recall that producers sought Buttafuoco’s ex-lover, Amy Fisher, for the first special, but her parole board wouldn’t let her fight. Maybe they can still book Bobbitt’s ex-wife Lorena, known for her nasty uppercut.) Also fighting, in a weight vs. height duel, will be former NFL defensive lineman William “The Refrigerator” Perry and former NFL beanpole Manute Bol. Then there’s a square-off between Olga Korbut, the 1972 Olympic gold-medal-winning gymnast, and a woman who should know better than to appear on a Fox special, ”Multi-Millionaire” bride Darva Conger. And if all that wasn’t enough pugilistic entertainment for you, Fox is expected to announce a fourth card. Wonder if Gary Coleman is available….

In other reality-exploitation show news, ABC is bringing back ”The Mole,” shelved for the last seven months, on May 28. ABC had pulled the show’s second season (called ”The Mole II: The Next Betrayal”) after just two episodes in October, an apparent victim of reality-show oversaturation or else a post-Sept. 11 aversion among viewers to a contest centering on a secret saboteur. Now, however, ”Mole” will be a summer staple for ABC, moving into a regular timeslot of Thursday at 9 p.m.

REEL DEALS How’s this for a romantic comedy pairing: Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez. That’s what Columbia is hoping for as it develops ”Last First Kiss,” a story about a man who claims he can find a soulmate for anyone within three days, and the reporter who tries to expose him as a fraud but falls for him instead. Columbia is also in talks with Sharon Maguire (”Bridget Jones’s Diary”) to direct….

Angelina Jolie may be a United Nations goodwill activist and new adoptive mom these days, but Paramount is itching to get her back to work kicking butt as Lara Croft in the ”Tomb Raider” sequel. The studio is looking to get Jolie back on the set by the fall and is negotiating with Jan de Bont (”Speed,” ”Twister”) to direct….

”Shaft” star Samuel L. Jackson will update another ’70s franchise later this year as the star of ”S.W.A.T.” Based on the ABC cop show with that memorable disco-instrumental theme song, it has a couple people behind the camera who know from police dramas: screenwriter David Ayer (”Training Day”), and director Clark Johnson (HBO’s ”Boycott”), who costarred for several years as a detective on NBC’s ”Homicide.”…

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