Five Videos That Reveal Nudity Never Goes Out of Style

By EW Staff
May 10, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

Wham! he did it again. No, George Michael wasn’t caught with his pants down. But the video for “Freeek!,” his first single in six years, reveals plenty. Michael’s isn’t the only clip to explore cinema nudite. Here’s a look at some other overexposed artists. –Missy Schwartz and Michele Romero

1. George Michael “Freeek!” (2002) Raw Footage Bare-naked ladies and gents getting their S&M freeek on at a futuristic orgy. Censor Sensibility MTV won’t say if it will air the video when it’s released Stateside later this year, but the U.K.’s Top of the Pops ran only the unedited version late at night. Is It Sexy? Feels like an antidote to Viagra.

2. Bjork “Cocoon” (2001) Raw Footage Naked Bjork wearing a transparent latex bodysuit, complete with red-licorice-sprouting breasts. Censor Sensibility MTV passed. Is It Sexy? No. And if Bjork offers you candy, politely decline.

3. Jimmy Eat World “The Middle” (2001) Raw Footage Skivvies-clad teens drinking, dancing, and making out. Censor Sensibility Wholesome enough for TRL. Is It Sexy? Yes, if you still have a curfew.

4. N.E.R.D. “Lap Dance” (2001) Raw Footage Talk about revenge of the N.E.R.D. The trio enjoy the company of full-monty’d strippers. Censor Sensibility MTV2 showed a partially blacked-out version. Is It Sexy? Bada-bing.

5. Robbie Williams “Rock DJ” (2000) Raw Footage Cheeky Robbie strips down to his…bones, but not before pelting roller-skating models with chunks of his flesh. Censor Sensibility Shockingly, Robbie tartare was in heavy rotisserie on MTV. Is It Sexy? Rollerball meets Night of the Living Dead at the Playboy mansion. Does that sound sexy?