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Valley Girls We’ve been a little obsessed with the possibility of Betty Thomas directing a Valley of the Dolls remake, ever since the project was set up at Fox a couple years ago. While Thomas, who is now filming I Spy with Eddie Murphy, says she hasn’t committed to a start date on ”the remake to end all remakes,” she’s already got a plan: ”We’d have all new drugs. I’m interested in the Peruvian hallucinogenic where you go to Burning Man and have a master lead you through it.” We swear we have no idea what she’s talking about.

Violence In The Home Yet another director is taking on high school violence, although newcomer Paul F. Ryan has perhaps wisely chosen to skip the shootings and focus on the aftermath of a mass murder with his film, Home Room, which stars Erika Christensen (Traffic). ”After Columbine, there was a lot of finger-pointing about why it happened, and movies themselves were cited as being a leading cause,” says Ryan. ”There hasn’t been a cinematic response to that until this.” (While Ryan’s film will no doubt be compared to O, Ryan says, ”O is more about high school basketball than high school violence.”) Ryan hopes the movie — which played at the Taos film festival — will continue to build buzz on the festival circuit before being purchased by a distributor. Until then, Ryan’s staying mum on the production costs for his independently financed feature debut: ”I won’t tell you until it gets snapped up,” says the director, ”but then I’m happy to run the Blair Witch story about how we made it for $500.”

Furthermore We hear that Blade II director Guillermo del Toro, who is prepping to direct the adaptation of the comic Hellboy, hopes to cast Steve Buscemi and John Heard alongside Blade II‘s Ron Perlman. (Additional reporting by William Keck)

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