EW's 10th Take Our Daughters to Work Day brings out the journalistic instincts in our girl reporters as they interview MTV's SuChin Pak

”Who was your worst interview ever?”

Now, EW writers can probably recall plenty of less-than-stellar moments with the stars, but on April 25 an inquisitive group of girl reporters, ages 9 to 15, posed that question to MTV News correspondent SuChin Pak at the magazine’s 10th annual Take Our Daughters to Work Day. Pak initially demurred on naming names, but after being peppered with the inquiry several times, she eventually broke down. Off the record, of course.

”It was like they all got together for a group meeting beforehand and said, ‘We’re not going to stop until we get a name,”’ giggled Pak, 26, after running the media gauntlet. ”They asked the same question a bunch of different ways. And even though I said off the record, I still saw pens writing down every single letter. It was very journalistic of them.”

Ah, girls after our own hearts. After bombarding Pak with pointed questions (”When was your first kiss?” ”What was your most embarrassing moment?”), these dogged reporters produced a mini-version of EW featuring the VJ, complete with pun-laden headlines (”Leader of the Pak”). ”It was amazing how great their news sense was,” says group leader and EW associate editor Fan Wong. ”They were able to pluck the most interesting things out of the interview for the story.”

It helps that they dug their subject. ”She’s very funny, she’s easy to talk to and has a cool fashion sense,” says Nina Yaverbaum, 9. Adds Chloe Sternlicht, 9: ”I like when we took the picture because we got to hug her.” Once photos were selected and covers designed, the girls were treated to a sneak preview of the DreamWorks animated film Spirit, featuring Matt Damon. The rest of the afternoon was spent scarfing down pizza and learning how to wage a marketing campaign from EW’s ad sales team, led by sales executive Carrie Howard. ”We had them explain how, as a record executive, they could market their brands,” says Howard, who listed ‘N Sync and Linkin Park among the girls’ favorites. ”They were very smart and opinionated and outgoing.” Finally, they got a first look at summer fashions from H&M public relations director Karen Belva.

As the day wound down, a feeling of nostalgia settled over the group — many of whom have been coming since the age of 8. Next year, the Ms. Foundation will transform the distaff event into Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Reaction to the change is mixed: ”A lot of girls might not speak up around boys,” says 8-year Daughters Day veteran Jaya Saxena, 15. Adds Diana Tamburro, 12: ”They’ll play with the computers and they’re not going to be patient enough to write the story.”

But what if the boys are cute?

Says Chelsea Onik, 12: ”That would be different.”

John Squires President